Saturday, 21 October 2017

Avarii VII game 1, Solar Auxilia vs Salamanders

My first game would be against Salamanders commanded by a very nice chap with the name Anders Nordenskjöld. He played with lots of meltas and flamers as you might expect.

The heavy flamers are especially nasty for the Solar Auxilia as the added strength to the weapons for Salamanders meant that all my infantry got instant killed and with no armour or cover save this could hurt... alot...
A couple of objectives was deployed and each force along the long edges of the board.

My army did good and I was happy, but it was not enough.
I had trouble to shoot out all that armour and when I had finally almost had done it I had real trouble with his heavy hitters that just walked through my line like a hot knife through butter.
My Lord Marshal managed to push away a lone unit of tactical but that was about all the counter attack I could muster...
All those armour with the heavy hitters and all those flamers made me play more defensibly then what I maybe should have to capture more objectives in the end. But I was far to concern to try to stay alive then crossing the nomans land into enemy flamers...

A big thanks to Anders for a great game.

Avarii VII, 30k event

Last weekend a bunch of guys from our club went to Malmö for the Avarii VII, Horus Heresy Event.
The event we have stress painted 3000pts of Warhammer 30k armies. I looked back at when I decided to tag along and that mean that I have painted about 3000pts on Solar Auxilia since the beginning of August, I feat that I hope to never have to redo...

Much of the army was untested and having seen now what I was up against I might had brought along another army. Some of the miniatures did rather lousy in all of the games. I sure got alot to learn about building a Solar Auxilia army and about the meta in Malmö.
But I had a blast and it was lots of fun to meet all the new people and look at all those beautiful painted armies.
For the event my forces would be playing on the Traitor side, I had enlisted on the Loyalist side but I guess that no one really asked my guys how they felt about the Imperium and just attacked them... All I could do was to shoot back...

Here are just a small photo dump. More will follow. 

My 3000pts Solar Auxilia


Here are some other pictures from the event:

Friday, 13 October 2017

3000pts Solar Auxilia painted, Horus Heresy - warhammer 30k

After a short but hectic time I have managed to get 3000pts of Solar Auxilia for Warhammer 30k, Horus Heresy painted for this weekends event at Avarii in Malmö.

The theme is that the Noble House of Naryshkin using their wast resources to search for xenos plant and wildlife to their palaces and sell to other noble families.

To lead this small expedition force this weekend Lord Marshal Aleksandr of House of Naryshkin have gathered his highly trained forces of the Eastern Fringe Trading Company (owned by the House of Naryshkin) and with the help of an Magus Biologus they will try to capture some exotic and highly valuable specimens of xenos or bioengineered creatures or secure valuable minerals or trade goods for future economical expansion.

This weekend however I think the House of Naryshkin have taken a bigger bite then they can swallow and I am prepare to take massive casualties.
The Noble House of Naryshkin have almost unlimited resources so taking a 100% casualty figure is but a small price to pay in the greater scheme of things.

Magus Biologus is about to capture a extremely rare and valuable butterfly, sold to other noble families it is as valuable as a city or a starship.
This will be a very lucrative businesses for the Eastern Fringe Trading Company

Xeno beast (count as Ogryns)

Natailia wielding a blast pistol and a power fist, this units Troop Master is ready to kick ass and chew bubblegum...