Monday, 20 November 2017

Crusades, Lion Ramant multiplayer AAR

The saturday befor this, we had a great four player game of Lion Rampant.
I brought along some of my collection and mustered four warbands.
For the westerns we had a contingent of French and German crusaders, for the saracens we got the Ayyubid Egyptians and Turks.
We used random activation with a deck of card, when each players symbol was drawn that player got the chance to activate their forces.
The scenario we played was "Defending the indefensible", the Crusaders would defend the oasis with the all important water source.
The scenario states that the defender can start with 10points at the objective, with double forces we doubled that amount of points.

 I would take the field as the French commander.

 The Saracen forces gathers for an all out attack.


The defenders of the waterhole.

The Crusader knights lay moves in to protect their comrades.

The Ayyubid forces moves through the the village

The defenders stay put and wish their knights could hurry up...

Turkic horsemen moves forward in dashing speed.

After a slow start both the French and the German commanders decides to move forward.

The Saracen were really pummeling our troops with arrows and our troops were taking cassualties and are pushed back. We really neaded our knights to support now.

Our brave troops are ordered to move up in position again to not the Saracen near the water.

Our knights are finaly getteing near to support. And the Saracen are forced to split its attension to the relief of our infantry.

The French knights charges into the enemy commander. I wanted to make a show of force. To make a reall dent to the enemy Ayyubids. If I could take out the commander the morale of the Egyprians would be hurt.
Even with some cassualties on my own the enemy was taking more damage and are fleeing for the might of the French...

The brave German Commander charges straight into the Saracen lines.

Unfortinutly a lucky hit fell the German commander. But even with the loss of their commander the German are victorius and the Turkic cavalry are pushed back.

But now the Germans are surrraunded on all side by archers on horseback, not the best of positions.

Meanwile the Ayyubids tries to attack the hard pressed guards of the waterhole. But they are not able to push in force and are attacking piecemeal.

The French knights are now pushing up on the Ayyubid flank...

The French knights are pushing hard. And many small units are ridden down.

The French knights continues to charge the infidels... Deus Vult...

And the Saracen are slaughtered.

The last unit of German knights finishes of the Saracen infantry and the westernes infantry holding the watersource are relieved. The enemy were now so battered that they could not muster enought force to push for the water.
It was a victory for the Crusaders, the plan to capture our troops at the waterhole had failed.

Big thanks to Johan, Sofia and Daniel for a great and exciting game.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Alpha Legion Reconnaissance squad, wip

Late last night I took these pictures of my Alpha Legion recon squad.
They are equiped with power armour, bolt pistol, close combat weapons and are carrying all the grenades they can.
The sergeant has a artificer armour, power fist, power dagger and just becasue the sergeant in a recon squad can I gave him a shotgun also.
The bits are from all over the place but I found a bits trader that sold some of those new Primaris marines blades so some of the weapons are from there.

The plan is to have them infiltrate and scout up reall close to the enemy in heavy terrain. Hopefully that will give them protection from enemy fire and assaults the first turn. If they are assaulted they are equiped with shroud bombs that work as defensive grenades that will give me better odds. If I choose the counter attack rules for my Alpha Legion this will further give them an edge.

If they survive the first turn they are up close and personal and with can then hopefully engage enemy squads to my liking turn two. Taking out vehicles with melta bombs or lighter infantry with close combat weapons.

Reconnaissance marines got the option to get a Storm Eagle transport as dedicated transport meaning they can fly onto the battlefield and with the assault ramp special rule I can more or less just point at a vehicle and take it out with lots of melta bombs...
Thats the plan at least. In reality I think they are far to expensive for what they can do and all these tactics will hardly work in practice.
But they look cool and I like the image of Alpha Legion reconnaissance marines far ahead of the main forces taking out key objectives and important enemy units.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Gaming mat for Dropfleet Commander

I order a gaming mat for coming games of Dropfleet Commander.

The mat comes from Deep Cut Studio but was order through Alphaspel, a great Swedish reseller that sent the order the same day it was placed which meant I had the miniatures and this gaming mat the next day.

For these pictures I noted while using our round kitchen table that gaming on a round table could be a interesting way of representing a small planet...

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Avarii VII game 5, Solar Auxilia vs Mechanicum and Dark Angels allies

The fifth and final battle from Avarii I would be facing Jon Anderssons Mechanicum with Dark Angels allies.
I never met Mechanicum before so this could be interesting.

I survived his initial fire and was able to retaliate.

I had a really good first turn and was able to take out or disable some dangerous tanks from him.

But from turn two and onwards I wasn't able to do anything.

Even when I had opened up a perfect fire position for my Infernus it was nowhere near what I needed to inflict in terms of casualties. With multiple wounds and feel no pain they could shrug of most of the damage I inflicted. Even if I had inflicted 5 wounds on a 5 man unit it would just had resulted in one casualty and one wounded enemy. My men was under equipped for this enemy.

Man, those Thalaxes are nasty with Toughness 5 and 3 wounds. I sure could have needed more Medusas... But lacking that it wasnt much I could do. Even when I managed to inflict casualties it mostly wasn't enough, there were plenty of enemies left. My poor strength 3 toughness 3 guys were totally outmatched in this game.
Leaving the safety of my deployment area and the protection it offered was not something I felt I could do. I tried to do it with both my Dracosans but they didnt come very far... And running against those big robots on foot didnt felt like a good idea to keep my men alive.
In hindsight I somehow should have done that anyway. If all my men would die they could as well die in no-mans land as dying in my trenches.
From turn two and onwards I felt it was nothing could do.

But in the end it was a interesting game and I tried not to give up after turn two, and atleast put up a token of resistance.
Big thanks to Jon for the game and for teaching me the way of getting crushed by big metalic monsters. :D